Design, manufacturing and development since 1927 

accessories for wheel loaders

Tilt mounts

We manufacture tilt mounts that can be mounted directly on the machine or as an adapter. Tilt mounts makes it easier for: planning work, trench cleaning and clearing, work on sidewalks, clearing roadsides, snow removal on uneven ground and pallet handling on uneven ground where it is an advantage to be able to adjust the tool.
20 degree angel.


Extension pull Wille

We manufacture extension pulls that make the ball or pin come out a little further from the back of the implement carrier. The extension pull is used for towed sweepers and trailers. The advantage of this pull, as opposed to the standard pull, is that you can turn very sharply without the pull beam hits the rear lift. 

The pull fits the following Wille implement holders:

Wille 265, Wille 275

Wille 355b, Wille 365, Wille 375

Wille 455, Wille 455B, Wille 465, Wille 475


3-point attachment for SMS/Trima adapter.

We design and manufacture an adapter for the machines that have a three-point attachement but need an SMS attachment instead. The Trima attachement has a mechanical tool lock. The SMS attachment and the Trima attachment are the same thing. Fits Wille 265


Skylight for Wille Wheel Loader

The sight when driving with the loader in a high position improves with a skylight.