Design, manufacturing and development since 1927  



Einar Johansson founds the company, which initially deals with farriery and repairs of agricultural implements.

The 1950´s

Maintenance of tractors and equipment becomes an important part of the business.

The 1960´s

Bengt Jakobsson, son of Einar, takes over the compay and expands the business with e.g truck superstructures.

The 1980´s

Production of forestry equipment for tractors begins.


The workshop burns to the ground after a welding job goes wrong. A new workshop is being built and meanwhile the business goes on in a rented garage close by. 

The 1990´s

Reconstruction of the front of several tractor models dominates, this is done to get better sight when driving the loader. This is one of Ölmstad Smides adaptations that later became standard from the tractor manufacturers.

The 2000´s

Production of bale wagons, header trailers and industrial wagons begins.

The 2010´s

As the machine pool in the workshop expands, so does the production of prototypes and low volume parts for other companys.


Leif and Christer Jakobsson takes over the company after their father Bengt.


Extension of the workshop with an additional 650 square meters for sheet metal storage and unloading.