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Underbody protection

The plate protects between the front and rear axle and covers the fueltank and hydraulic filter under the tractor. Filters, lubrication points and oil drainings are accessed via holes and hatches. The underbody protection is adapted to front loaders and rear hitches etc.                                            

Frontguard and rejectors

Protects front and windows from blows from tree limbs.                    

Roof guard

Protects roof and lights from blows from tree limbs.                                                   8904012014

Position light guards

Protects the front and rear position lights from blows from tree limbs.                       8904012012

Rim valve protection

Protects the rim valve. 8904000002

Rear window extension

Provides space for the crane´s hydraulic package in the cab.                           8904012001

Reversible driver´s seat

Using a rotate pillar under the chair and rebuilding of the cab, creates space to rotate the driver´s seat,  wich makes it posible to sit facing backwards in an ergonomic way. 8904012011